When it comes to vehicle safety and maintenance, there is no compromising. At HK united, preventative maintenance is serious business – we consider it a way of life. It is crucial to keep down-time to a minimum and to ensure our drivers are confident in their equipment.

Every piece of HK equipment is inspected every month, every 10,000km, every 30,000km, every 90 days and annually. Annual inspections are completed ahead of time during the 11th month. During all inspections, equipment receives any necessary manufacturer certified service, maintenance and repairs. A complete service history including certificates and supporting documents are kept on hand for quick reference. Inspections and repairs are conducted at our repair facility by our team of qualified mechanics.

We insist that all drivers and equipment meet or exceed the highest safety and quality standards for our industry. Our safety department works hard to maintain our excellent track record by conducting quarterly safety meetings and diligently implementing the standards set out in our safety manual. Every driver employs our exclusive Driver’s Circle Check that goes beyond minimum industry truck safety walk-arounds.

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